Frequency-Hopping/M-Ary Frequency-Shift Keying Wireless Sensor Networks With Soft-Sensing

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Executive Summary

In this contribution, a parallel triple-layer Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is introduced to monitor a Source Event (SE) with M states. For the sake of facilitating low-complexity non-coherent fusion rules, in the considered WSN, Frequency-Hopping (FH) and M-ary Frequency-Shift Keying (MFSK) modulation are used to transmit signals from Local Sensor Nodes (LSNs) to Fusion Center (FC). Hence, the WSN is referred to as the FH/MFSK WSN. The authors propose a soft-sensing and signal transmission scheme for improving the reliability of the FH/MFSK WSN. Two low-complexity non-coherent fusion rules are investigated, which are the conventional Equal-Gain Combining (EGC) fusion rule and the proposed Erasure-Supported EGC (ES-EGC) fusion rule.

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