Frequency Reuse Scheme With Three Regions in Cooperative Relaying for Multi-Cell OFDMA Systems

Date Added: Nov 2010
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Cooperative relaying has shown as promissing approach to improve transmission reliability in cellular network. In this paper cooperative relaying and frequency reuse partitioning are exploited to avoid the co-Channel Cell Interference (CCI) in the downlink multi-cell OFDMA systems. In the authors' system layout, each cell is divided into three regions: the central region, the middle region and the edge region. The Frequency Reuse Factor (FRF) is set to 1 in the central region. Depending on the number of sectors in the middle and the edge region, the FRFs of 3, 7/3, 7/4, 4 and 6 have been applied. A fixed Relay Station (RS) by sector, which amplifies and forwards the received signal to the mobile, is placed at the limit of the middle region and the edge region.