From Quality of Service to Quality of Experience

Date Added: Nov 2009
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This paper gives detail of the Dagstuhl Seminar 09192 on "From Quality of Service to Quality of Experience " held in Schloss Dagstuhl, Leibniz Center for Informatics from May 05 to May 08, 2009. The seminar was organized with a view to discuss the change in the notion of Quality of Service from technical view on service quality to quality of experience for end users. The seminar discussed this important paradigm shift with the aim to deepen the scientific understanding of this topic for the success of future mobile and fixed communication services and tried to investigate innovative research methodologies. The week saw many important topics being discussed while some could not be given much time, such as economy, feedback and standardization, due to time constraint. In particular, definitions of QoE, QoE metrics and assessment methods remained open issues. The paper lists the requirements as mentioned by the delegates. These included more hands-on and modeling approaches and methodologies, the inclusion of socio-psychological, psychophysics and networking dimensions, numbers on QoE in order to make the concept survive, and links between QoE and user behaviour. The paper mentions the various aspects of QoE that were reconsidered in the seminar. Many new questions came up, which both community and organizers felt the need to take up in future through many more such seminars.