Fujitsu Primergy CX1000 Built to Float Clouds

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Fujitsus PRIMERGY CX1000 has been designed from the ground up to support scale-out infrastructures on an industry-standard platform. CX1000 simultaneously addresses the four main challenges of large scale-out datacenters - i.e., performance, cost, power/cooling, and footprint - by providing: TABLE OF CONTENTS Scale-out performance, delivered with replicable building blocks consisting of 38 servers in each CX1000 enclosure Executive Summary A lower cost of acquisition and operations through a minimalistic server design approach The Rise of Cloud Computing The Cool-Central cooling architecture, which can reduce power/heat energy costs by up to 20% and more Technical Requirements for Scale-Out Cloud Computing Hardware A datacenter footprint that is up to 40% smaller than traditional systems, enabled by back-to-back setup of enclosures