G-Router: GSM/GPRS to RS-232 and Ethernet Gateway - Securing Wireless Communication by Using PPP Over CSD

Date Added: Feb 2010
Format: PDF

The G-router is a compact GSM/GPRS Ethernet Gateway designed to provide economical and simple connectivity of RS232 and Ethernet devices to GSM networks. The G-router supports both RS-232 connectivity as well as Ethernet connectivity to monitor remote devices. The G-router connects to the GSM network by inserting a SIM card into the unit and powering it up. Depending on the type of subscription on the GSM network the G-router can be contacted by making a data call to the unit, or over a GPRS IP data connection. When used in combination with GPRS you can connect to the unit using an IP connection. The communication to the G-router is then made using a secure protocol, for example SSH or HTTPS.