Garmin GPS Oregon 400t Handheld

Date Added: Nov 2009
Format: PDF

The widespread use of handheld GPS devices that make use of satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide the user with a wide range of data, have changed the way people interact with the outdoors to hike, boat, and camp. These applications also transcend their basic recreational objectives by providing other multipurpose features. The Garmin GPS Oregon 400t Handheld is a pocket-sized electronic navigational device that provides the user with a wide range of navigational and geographical data. It is designed for consumers of all backgrounds and ages and experience, who require a navigational device for hiking, boating, biking, camping or participating in other recreational outdoor activities. Its durability and built-in features make it suitable for use on land and water. The device has a simple and intuitive interface makes it user friendly and permits users to access 3D maps, view photos, take barometric readings, plan complex routes, locate prime fishing spots, anticipate changing weather patterns,, participate in the increasingly popular sport of geocaching, and wirelessly share information with other users. They also significantly eliminate the risk of users becoming lost, thus providing safety. Features like the Touchscreen monitor, WAAS-enabled GPS system (with HotFix satellite prediction), wireless and USB capabilities, 4 GB internal memory, and 850 MB microSD card slot make it the winner of Backpacker Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for 2009.