GDS-B: A Protocol to Support HAIPE Peer Discovery Server Communication

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HAIPE devices provide encrypted tunneling and transporting services for Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams through an unsecured network on behalf of secure Plain Text (PT) enclaves. Traditionally, secure tunnels were established by manually configuring the local HAIPE with information for peer enclaves. When a large number of enclaves are involved, automation of this configuration process improves administrative efficiency and reduces errors. Such automation is known as HAIPE Peer Discovery, or HPD. With the support of the HAIPE Interoperability Specification (HAIPE IS) Generic Discovery Client (GDC) Extension, HAIPEs can communicate with a Generic Discovery Server (GDS) that implements a server-based HPD service. The HAIPE IS GDC Extension specifies only how a HAIPE communicates with a GDS.