Get the Most Out of Your Siebel CRM with the Oracle Optimized Solution for Siebel CRM

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Executive Summary

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is well understood among IT professionals as an application that rapidly becomes critical to an enterprise. Initially, a CRM installation is usually conceived as a tool for improving business efficiency in some singular, straightforward way. But as the CRM system operationally demonstrates its full range of capability, the organization becomes increasingly dependent upon it. Large volumes of data eventually get moved over to the CRM systems in support of new, larger projects.Then comes the sudden, profound realization that all that data contains a substantial amount of proprietary or sensitive information. If improperly configured for security, a CRM system could become a business liability. The very nature of CRM links an organization's prospects, customers and strategic partners together but requires sober consideration of issues relating to data privacy, data theft, contractual terms and legally-mandated standards compliance. Unfortunately, secured configurations of any enterprise software are frequently considered unconventional, unnecessary or an impediment to administrative simplicity. Most IT managers think of security as introduction of risk, rather than a mitigation of risk. Indeed, implementation of security methods, especially encryption, can introduce additional administrative overhead, require expensive additional hardware, prove an impediment for rapid deployment, or impose a massive decrease in hardware capacity. But these problems are largely eliminated when deploying Siebel CRM on SPARC T-Series servers. SPARC T-Series servers include a special arithmetic unit optimized for executing cryptography at full CPU speed, mitigating performance concerns and eliminating the need for more equipment. Combining this unique hardware capability with Oracle Solaris makes it easy to enable and continuously operate in a secured configuration with only a little effort and very little specialized knowledge on the part of the administrator. This paper explains how deploying SPARC T-Series servers as the cornerstone of your secure CRM deployment mitigates risk while maintaining an advantageous TCO.

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