GPS Retransmission Inside Military Ground Vehicles White Paper

Modern warfare has fueled the need for a wide spectrum of technological advances. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is increasingly being applied in many different military applications. Battle field situations demand the need for heightened awareness with systems such as Land Warrior, Blue Force Tracker, and various electronic mission planning tools. This paper discusses the effectiveness of the GPS Retransmission as a solution to the problem of GPS denied environments for some GPS enabled applications. Specifically, this paper concentrates on GPS retransmission systems as they apply to military ground vehicles, including specific capabilities and requirements for these systems. GPS Retransmission, or GPS Repeating, is the art of making the live GPS signal available to handheld or mobile GPS applications at locations where the signal is not otherwise available. These locations include inside the crew compartment of a military vehicle and cargo compartment of a military aircraft. When GPS receivers are inside of vehicles, or buildings without a LOS view of the GPS satellites, the receivers do not provide navigational or position information. Multipath or other errors in the received data, can lead to erroneously displayed information on the DAGR or commercial GPS receiver. With a GPS retransmission system installed in the crew compartment of a military ground vehicle and providing availability of the GPS signals in the otherwise denied environment, benefits include Situational Awareness.

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