Group Distance Bounding Protocols

Distance Bounding (DB) protocols allow one entity, the verifier, to securely obtain an upper-bound on the distance to another entity, the prover. Thus far, DB was considered mostly in the context of a single prover and a single verifier. There has been no substantial prior work on secure DB in group settings, where a set of provers interact with a set of verifiers. The need for Group Distance Bounding (GDB) is motivated by many practical scenarios, including: group device pairing, location-based access control and secure distributed localization. This paper addresses, for the first time, one-way GDB protocols by utilizing a new passive DB primitive. The authors show how passive DB can be used to construct secure and efficient GDB protocols for various one-way GDB settings.

Provided by: ETH Zurich Topic: Mobility Date Added: Apr 2011 Format: PDF

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