GUI Configurator

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: PDF

Extron GUI configurator is an intuitive design tool that makes creating and maintaining Extron Touchlink touchscreen user interface easy to use, even for those without any graphic design skills. It provides ready-to-use, customizable design templates. Each template is fully designed and includes a complete, detailed documentation of its applications and capabilities. If any modification is required, the user friendly drag and drop interface makes adding or removing a source or any other element extremely easy. GUI Configurator software's resource library of shapes, graphics and sounds provide a wide variety of choices for design of master pages, pop-up pages for transport controls, multi-state buttons, 3-D effects, video windows, dynamic text etc. users are also at the liberty to import their own images or audio files into the GUI Configurator and customize further. It enables the quick viewing and editing of object properties. The object properties of all GUI elements are easily changeable. Completed designs can be easily uploaded to TouchLink Panel or saved to disk. This enables the use of these designs over and over again. It helps in facilitating a consistent model for rolling out multi-room installations quickly. It requires no source code and functions only on the configuration files. It has a workspace window for click and access to open project and pages. The GUI Configurator is broadly applicable.