Hardware Co-Simulation for Video Processing Using Xilinx System Generator

Date Added: Jul 2009
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The use of rapid prototyping tools such as MATLABS-imulink and Xilinx System Generator becomes increasingly important because of time-to-market constraints. This paper presents a methodology for implementing real-time DSP applications on a reconfigurable logic platform using Xilinx System Generator (XSG) for Matlab. The methodology aims to improve the design verification efficiency for such complex system. It presents an architecture for Color Space Conversion (CSC) RGBTOYCbCr for video processing using Xilinx System Generator. The design was implemented targeting a Spartan3 device (3S200PQ208) then a Virtex II Pro (xc2vp7-6ff672). Obtained results are discussed and compared with an other architecture. The conversion method has been verified successfully with no visually perceptual errors in the transformed images.