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Health Care Policy & Politics: 2008 Survey Of Health Care Consumers

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Executive Summary

The Deloitte 2008 Survey of Health Care Consumers asked more than 3,000 respondents about health care and politics, about taxes and the uninsured, about state-mandated insurance. With a growing number of states imposing or considering mandated health care and writing programs to extend coverage of the uninsured, some of the survey answers were surprising.79 percent of respondents said health care will play an important role in their presidential decision-making; 46 percent described it as one of their three most important issues; African-American consumers ranked highest among ethnic groups in listing health care as a "Top 3" issue affecting their vote; Women outdid men in terms of listing health care as one of three most pressing issues affecting their vote; Nearly half of those who described themselves in the bottom half in health status said health care was a "Top 3" issue; the numbers were slightly smaller in those who claimed a health status; 29 percent favor a tax increase to pay for coverage of the uninsured; Of ethnic groups identified in the Deloitte survey, African-Americans are most likely to support a tax increase to cover the uninsured; Men, more than women, favor tax increases to cover the uninsured; Baby Boomers, among age groups, are highest in support of additional taxes; 36 percent support mandates requiring individuals to have health insurance; another 30 percent say they might support mandates; Men out-voted women on the issue by a margin of about 4 percent.

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