Hegemony, Counter Hegemony And NGO Accountability Change: BRAC In Bangladesh

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Executive Summary

Drawing from Antonio Gramsci's ideas, a dialectic analysis of accountability change in a large, Bangladesh NGO - BRAC is conducted to investigate how BRAC extended accountability issues within society; and how hegemonic and counter-hegemonic dialectics changed accountability practices. The paper details how a functional accountability was transformed into a holistic social form as it interacted with Bangladesh's socio-economic and political context. NGO accountability practices in Less Developed Countries (LDCs) reflect political-ideological shifts that redefine state-society relations (Edwards and Hulme, 1996). This case study of BRAC, a reputable and large Bangladeshi NGO, analyses how changes in its accountability related to the role and power of NGOs, their relationships with the state, donor agencies, civil society, political ideologies and organizational discourses.

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