Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Free-Space Optical Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (FSO/RF MANET)

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The existing routing protocols in mobile ad hoc network such as DSDV, AODV, DSR, ZRP, SRL, HSR, etc cannot be utilized for FSO/RF MANET owing to certain disjoint characteristics of free space optical (FSO) and MANET. The characteristics include accommodating directionality, accuracy in routing information, memory, reduced overhead and delay. In this paper, a hierarchical routing protocol for FSO/RF MANET is proposed. In this protocol, a network connector which connects the hybrid networks is defined. The cluster formation is based on Neighborhood Discovery Algorithm. In each cluster, the node, which is nearer to the network connector, is elected as cluster head. Each network connector gathers information of all cluster members and their CH and builds a routing table using network connector discovery algorithm.