High Availability and Disaster Recovery Using Application Grid Technology

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Executive Summary

Drivers have many options when shopping for auto insurance. Price, of course, helps determine which company to choose and stay with over time, but it's far from the only factor. Convenience and service are also critical. Recently, a major North American auto insurer was losing customers as a result of an unresponsive and unavailable Web site. The self-service site required customers to create and update a profile so they could pay bills, review plans, and make changes in coverage. Over time, the size of the profiles grew to 1MB per individual profile, and as a result the system could no longer handle the changes.

The solution? A product called Oracle Coherence, which calls for data to be held in the memory of many different machines as if it is local. This distributed storage system sped up performance and enabled the Web site to remain online even as data grew exponentially.

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