High-Performance Embedded Applications: The SUMIT Standard

Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology (SUMIT) has garnered a ground breaking technology in the form of a new interconnect standard which makes it applicable in the medical, aerospace and military applications. The designers have come up with a single connector or double connector system due to the pressing need of both SUMIT A and SUMIT B connectors. This paper discusses the functioning of this technology. SUMIT A and SUMIT B connectors can be used on the board either singly or separately. With 52 pin high density connectors, both the connectors have high and low buses and are capable of running in several volts. If the expansion or the add-on board has space for only one connector, then one can connect it to another processor or expansion board. The signals on both connectors are routed through stacks of cards on relative placement. It is possible to make use of two small connectors instead of one large one. This not only increases the I/O bandwidth in the smallest space confines but accelerates the performance factor too. The connectors have high frequency signals with unique characteristics. SUMIT A is capable of standing alone and supporting several buses. Space efficient factor has made it possible to incorporate it into today's processors. They also work with PC /104 ISA devices though on a different location on the same board. The SUMIT interface can be used with boards of reasonable size; there is no specific board form factor.

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