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How Different VPN Approaches Affect Site-to-Site Scalability and Connectivity: Comparison of Rule-Based, Route-Based and Dynamic Route-Based VPNs

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Executive Summary

A Dynamic Route-based VPN provides significant management benefits over a Rule-based VPN or a Route-based VPN. This paper discusses how the topology of the network is integral to the VPN policy in a Rule-based VPN approach and, therefore, creates a significant management burden. A Route-based VPN, on the other-hand, decouples the network route from the policy and, therefore, offers a slight improvement over the Rule-based VPN approach. However, because Route-based VPNs use static network routes as the foundation for the VPN links, they still require manual intervention, forcing the administrator to manually change the network route in the route table when a site changes or if an available route has not been defined.

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