HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array and Mainframe White Paper: High Performance FICON

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Executive Summary

As previously mentioned in this paper, zHPF or high performance FICON for system z is an enhancement of the FICON channel architecture; which also means compatibility with certain standards: Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling standard (FC-FS), Fibre Channel Switch Fabric and Switch Control Requirements (FC-SW) and Fibre Channel Single-Byte-4 (FC-SB-4) standards. The FICON Express4 and FICON Express2 features support both the existing FICON architecture and the zHPF architecture. From the z/OS point of view the existing FICON architecture is called command mode, and zHPF architecture is called transport mode. A parameter in the Operation Request Block (ORB) is used to determine whether the FICON channel is running in command or transport mode.

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