HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array and Mainframe White Paper: What About XP Storage and FICON B-Series or FICON C-Series for Your Mainframe Environment?

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: PDF

Over the years XP Storage has become a well known and appreciated Storage family - used and deployed all over the world. As there is such a large variety of choices in software and environmental elements, this paper will guide the user through an often "Forgotten" world in which the XP is feeling at home - the world of Mainframe. The very first design of what became the XP Disk Array family dates to the early 1990's. Through several generations, the XP has been improved and adapted to follow and adjust to the needs of storage environments - back-end, front-end, disk technology, according microcode changes and upgrades to service Open Systems environments, a mix of both Mainframe and Open Systems environments, or pure Mainframe environments.