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HP-UX 11i and Solaris Administration Compared - Capitalize on Your UNIX System Admin Assets: Move to HP-UX 11i V3

Date Added: Aug 2009
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Moving from Solaris to another operating system environment requires planning how much training and time will be required to re-skill staff to manage the new environment. This brief comparison between Solaris and HP-UX 11i system management illustrates that a move from Solaris to HP-UX 11i preserves and capitalizes on the IT team's UNIX system administration skills. The paper also describes additional cost-saving advantages for system administrators working with HP-UX 11i, compared to Solaris. It is all about doing more, more automatically, to reduce the UNIX system management workload for staffs under ever-increasing budget constraints. Similarities between the two UNIX operating systems lower the change cost associated with a move from Solaris to HP-UX 11i, compared to moving to a non-UNIX environment.