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Hybrid Products' Marketing Challenges

Date Added: Mar 2009
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Voice recorder-MP3 players, crossover and hybrid, duel-fuel vehicles, and many other hybrids products are growing exponentially. Marketers hope when two product categories blend together that consumers think it's great. But often they don't. This paper shows how hybrid products have a unique set of marketing challenges. Author says, "When one categorizes an object, one make beliefs that are consistent with its characteristics. Consider water, for example. Bottle of water elicits beliefs such as: 'It's healthy to drink, refreshing, pure, etc.'" Early on, consumers viewed the cell phone with PDA attributes as primarily a cell phone. Or take the GPS-radar gadget. Well, it's mainly a GPS gizmo, with a few radar attributes. "This is a huge problem for marketers because it costs money to add features.