Identity Based Strong Designated Verifier Parallel Multi-Proxy Signature Scheme

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Executive Summary

Shamir in 1985 introduced the concept of IDentity(ID) based cryptosystems where, a users public key is derived from his identity and the corresponding private key is generated by a trusted third party called the Private Key Generator (PKG). ID based cryptosystems are advantageous over the traditional Public Key Cryptosystems (PKC) as they avoid the need of certified public key register. Jakobsson et al [4] presented the concept of Designated Verifier Signatures (DVS) in 1996. In DVS, the signer specifies a designated verifier who can only determine the validity of the signatures. However, the verifier in general is not able to convince other parties on the validity of the signatures, because he himself is able to produce the indistinguishable signatures.

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