Identity Management in a Mobile Grid Environment

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Executive Summary

This paper details the creation of a secure architecture for a Mobile Grid environment using conceptual security domains and PKI infrastructure within the context of the Akogrimo EU project. This structure and the management of identity between the network and grid middleware is a practical application of security provision in the mobile Grid. Identity stems from the network domain for mobile services and interacts with the core Grid infrastructure specific services managing the Mobile Dynamic Virtual Organisations (MDVO). A model is presented in this paper where identity sprouts up from the network and policy cascades down from the VO, backed up by SLA (Service Level Agreement) and monitoring services. The model presents an application where network based security can be scaled into Grid middleware security in a seamless application execution scenario. This is aided by the concept of the four security domains linked to specific network security points represented by A4C servers within the project. This approach is a significant idea, and is practically demonstrated in the project's testbeds where the application relies on seamless and reliable security provision and integration between the network and middleware. This paper presents an overview of this infrastructure, how it is applied in current prototypes, the certificate involved and its significance for future development of security in the mobile Grid.

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