If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It: Challenges and New Directions for Inferring the Impact of Software Patches

Date Added: Jul 2009
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Software patches are designed to have a positive effect on the operation of software systems. However, these patches may cause incompatibilities, regressions, and other unintended negative impact on the reliability, performance, and security of software. In this paper, the authors propose PatchAdvisor, a technique to improve the manageability of the patching process for administrators by automatically inferring the impact of a patch or upgrade. PatchAdvisor inspects a software system and its patch using a combination of static control flow analysis, dynamic execution traces, and ranking heuristics to automatically infer the potential impact of the patch. To evaluate the feasibility of their approach, they implement an initial prototype of PatchAdvisor using the IDA and PaiMei frameworks and demonstrate its effectiveness on a real-world web application stack.