iMark: An Identity Management Framework for Network Virtualization Environment

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Network virtualization has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. It has been heralded as a flexible and open ended network for the future. Network Virtualizations allow the existence of multiple Virtual Networks (VNs). These VNs in turn can assume their own individual routing, addressing, naming and transport mechanism. This paper proposes that efficient and effective management of identifier spaces is necessary for ensuring the proper end to end connectivity of a Network Virtualization Environment (NVE). It also puts forth iMark. iMark is an identity management tool which is supported by global identity space. It allows end hosts to correspond within and outside of their network. For this purpose, a set of adapters, controllers and maps are used. However, autonomy of the virtual networks is not compromised in this case. The paper seeks to explain the method of manipulating the mappings among different spaces. It also evaluates the entire procedure. iMark does not impose any restriction on local naming methods. It also allows for separating the physical and logical location identity from the identity of an end host. The paper discusses the reason for creating iMark before describing its design choices. It also provides overview of iMark along with a detailed analysis of its design. The paper also presents results from these tests.