Impact of FCoE and Unified Fabric on Enterprise Storage Environments: Exploration of the Benefits and Challenges Associated With Migration Toward Common SAN and LAN Infrastructure

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Executive Summary

Off late, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the current state of storage networking. The focus of this study is on the perceptions and adoption intentions of user firms regarding network fabric unification and specifically focusing on Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) as an enabling technology for this unification. For the purposes of this study, Forrester conducted 101 online surveys with storage professionals in the US, as well as five qualitative interviews with storage management professionals. These interviews were conducted with current users of FCoE in their environments, as well as those who do not currently use FCoE. Forrester found adoption patterns of storage networking technologies and data about the needs of these users, which are summarized in the following paper.

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