Impacts of Radio Access Protocols on Cooperative Vehicle Collision Avoidance in Urban Traffic Intersections

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Executive Summary

The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) architecture is currently being developed for enhancing vehicle safety using Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicleto-Roadside (V2R) communications. Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), an emerging communication standard for ITS, was developed for 75 Mhz spectrum at the 5.9 Ghz band. Although IEEE 802.11p is recommended as the Medium Access Control (MAC) for DSRC, the protocol is known to suffers from unbounded delivery latency at higher traffic loads primarily due to its underlying random access nature. It has been demonstrated that the latency issue can be severe in the presence of vehicle crowding and broadcast storms during road emergency events. In this paper the authors propose a MAC protocol that can avoid such large delays by avoiding non-deterministic medium access.

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