Implementation of 2-Phase Commit by Integrating the Database & the File System

Transaction is a series of data manipulation statements that must either fully complete or fully fail, leaving the system in a consistent state, Transactions are the key to reliable software applications In J2EE Business layer components accesses transactional resource managers like RDBMS/Messaging provider. From the database point of view, the Resource Managers coordinates along with the Transaction Manager to perform the work which is transparent to the developer; however, this is not possible with regards to a important resource, i.e., file system. Moreover, DBMS has the capacity to commit or roll back a transaction but this in independent of the file system. In this paper, the authors integrate the two-phase commit protocol of the RDBMS with the file system by using Java.

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) Topic: Data Management Date Added: Oct 2010 Format: PDF

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