Improved End-to-End Delay Analysis in WirelessHART Networks

Date Added: Sep 2011
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WirelessHART is a new standard specifically designed for real-time and reliable communication between sensor and actuator devices for industrial process monitoring and control applications. End-to-end communication delay analysis for WirelessHART networks is required for acceptance test of real-time data flows from sensors to actuators and for workload adjustment in response to network dynamics. In this paper, the authors propose an improved end-to-end delay analysis of the real-time flows that are scheduled using a fixed priority scheduling policy in a WirelessHART network. Like the only existing end-to-end delay analysis which they proposed in an earlier work, this analysis is also based on a mapping of the real-time periodic data flow scheduling in a WirelessHART network to the real-time multiprocessor scheduling, and runs in pseudo polynomial time.