Improved Opportunistic Multipath Transmission for Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Communications

Date Added: Mar 2010
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This paper presents an improved version of the Opportunistic Multipath (OM) proposed by Ribeiro et al. for cooperative communications. First, the authors generalize the OM scheme by using two groups of relays instead of using two relays for a source, so that inter-relay diversity can be achieved during the transmission between the two groups. Then, they propose a signal retransmission scheme for the relays based on the Generalized OM (GOM) approach, where a relay in one group that fails to decode a symbol received from the source at the nth time slot can re-decode the symbol received from relays in the other group at the (n+2)th time slot and retransmit the correctly decoded symbol to the destination at the (n+3)th time slot.