Improving Application Performance

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Executive Summary

Oracle SQL Developer provides capabilities for browsing and working with Oracle Application Express applications. This paper focuses on how developers and DBAs can use Oracle SQL Developer to examine and tune Oracle Application Express code. By the end of this paper the users will be able learn to how to use the Oracle SQL Developer interface to browse and review code in Oracle Application Express quickly. They would also be able to use Oracle SQL Developer's code refactoring capabilities that are helpful in turning anonymous PL/SQL blocks created in Oracle Application Express into compiled stored procedures. This paper is divided into three sections Managing and Browsing Oracle Application Express Applications, Refactoring Anonymous Blocks and Updating Your Application. The first section of the paper gives detailed instructions with the help of diagrams on how to perform management tasks such as renaming, importing, or deploying the application. The second section makes the users aware of how to make use of best applications to call compiled PL/SQL code. Call compiled PL/SQL code is important because if your application is full of uncompiled code, the little hits on performance that result from runtime compilation can add up to cause a significant impact. The third section, updating the user application provides the users with steps that are required in Oracle Application Express to use and store the procedure one just compiled.

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