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Improving Office Productivity: Shared Workspace, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms Software

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Executive Summary

Desk sharing among mobile workers is known by several names: hoteling, hot-desking, virtual office, etc. It's simple and powerful. Mobile workers, like sales representatives, consultants, auditors, and even telecommuters, are often out of the office more than they are in. Hoteling maximizes utilization of space by sharing fewer office resources among more people.

In all phases of the business cycle companies need to focus attention on better use of resources. With greater and greater computerization of office functions, more and more people have an "office on the go". They move from one customer site to the next without lengthy desk time in the office. Meanwhile, the office is filled with empty desks and offices.

Whether your objective is reducing your real estate footprint, improving accessibility to conference room reservations, allowing more people to comfortably occupy the existing office space, or making work life easier for mobile employees, Desk Flex helps your operation hum.

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