Indoor Positioning in Wireless LANs Using Compressive Sensing Signal-Strength Fingerprints

Accurate indoor localization is a significant task for many ubiquitous and pervasive computing applications, with numerous solutions based on IEEE802.11, Bluetooth, ultrasound and infrared technologies being proposed. The inherent sparsity present in the problem of location estimation motivates in a natural fashion the use of the recently introduced theory of Compressive Sensing (CS), which states that a signal having a sparse representation in an appropriate basis can be reconstructed with high accuracy from a small number of random linear projections. In the present paper, the authors exploit the framework of CS to perform accurate indoor localization based on signal-strength measurements, while reducing significantly the amount of information transmitted from a wireless device with limited power, storage, and processing capabilities to a central server.

Provided by: University of Crete Topic: Networking Date Added: Feb 2011 Format: PDF

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