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Information on Demand Brochure: Unlocking the business value of information for competitive advantage

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Executive Summary

This executive level brochure provides the strategy behind Information on Demand (IOD), the 5 entry points to IOD and includes a summary of the 2008, information market analyst Ovum's independent evaluation of IBM's Information On Demand initiative which declared IBM to be at the "vanguard of the unified information management revolution." In this brochure customers will also learn how to optimize their business and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Businesses need to do more than automate processes for maximum efficiency. What is needed is an entire enterprise-wide focus based on the unique value which only organizations possesses: information. In addition to creating this focus businesses also need to start treating information like a Strategic Asset, just like cash or other valuable tangible resources. IBM Information On Demand helps businesses unlock the business value of information for competitive advantage.

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