Infrastructure Consolidation

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Executive Summary

Consolidation may be a key tool for realizing the goals of many organizations. In particular, if some form of consolidation advances the business goals of the organization, then consolidation should be considered. However, it will not match the business goals of all organizations or it may not be a priority for others. In those cases, other projects should take priority. When Windows consolidation makes sense, then Dell and Microsoft solutions should certainly be considered.

Infrastructure consolidation is a hot topic, clearly on the minds of many IT shops. In today's climate of flat or shrinking IT budgets consolidation offers a means to achieve significant cost savings. But its attractiveness does not stop with cost savings. The exploding need for space and power in the datacenter can be curbed. The performance of both the servers and the storage subsystems can be drastically increased. System administrator time can be sharply reduced as system availability is improved and user satisfaction increases. An improvement in disaster recovery capabilities will naturally follow from most consolidation projects. Finally, the IT infrastructure can be modernized to support the installation's future plans for growth.

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