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Infrastructure Convergence: The Integration of Technology to Lower Cost and Improve Business Response

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The immensely growing IT complexity has forced IT organizations to act as their own systems integrators. This, in turn, has lead to escalating costs, staff resource availability issues and inability to quickly realize business value. As organizations continue to grow and evolve their business, continuous innovation and IT expansion in tandem with their objectives and needs will be essential for an organization's survival. The need for converged systems to resolve such issues will involve a change in thinking. To benefit from converged systems, IT organizations will have to think differently about procurement and be satisfied with a smaller set of qualified vendors. However, HP understands that customers need to evolve from within their existing IT investments and across their heterogeneous environments leading to their converged infrastructure strategy model and architectural approach based on modular, standards-based components with tight, open integration with partners. Converged systems also require that the IT strategy link to the goals of the business. Clients need to consider and identify a set of solutions that they will be able to leverage for the next several years and that not only are capable but also will fit in their existing infrastructure. This will require a technology assessment, business assessment and rationalization of the application portfolio.