InP-Based Polarization-Insensitive Planar Waveguide Concave Grating Demultiplexer With Flattened Spectral Response

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Executive Summary

InP-based planar waveguide 48-channel concave grating demultiplexers with a channel spacing of 0.8 nm (100 GHz) are described and demonstrated. Polarization insensitivity and flattened spectral response are successfully achieved by the introduction of a polarization compensator and a two-focus grating, respectively. The fabricated device shows a polarization-dependent wavelength shift of less than 20 pm and a -3 dB spectral width of about 0.55 nm (68.75 GHz) over all channels. Planar waveguide grating devices have been widely used for wavelength (de)multiplexing, switching, and optical add-drop applications in dense wavelength-division multiplexing optical communication systems.

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