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Installing PHP 5.2 for Oracle on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

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Executive Summary

If one needs suggestions on how to get the Mac set-up to build Oracle-based PHP applications in place, this paper will be on tremendous help. The paper not only provides ideas on installing PHP applications, it also suggests the prerequisites that one will be requiring along the way. Many of the PHP developers using Mac systems are running Linux as a virtual machine but more and more PHP developers work natively on the Mac. Recognizing this fact, Oracle has made it downright easy to develop PHP/Oracle applications on the Mac. This is a guide to show just how easy it is to get the Mac setup to build Oracle-based PHP applications. One prerequisite is that the one installing the PHP applications needs to know how to prepare apache. To confirm that the build is working completely, users will need to build a simple script that connects to the sample user HR that is included with Oracle Database XE. Before one can do this, users are also required to unlock the HR account and set a password using Oracle Application Express or SQL*Plus. Commands for getting the connection are mentioned and users will be able to install PHP with Oracle database XE.

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