Instant ODP.NET Deployment

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Executive Summary

Deploying applications can sometimes be a challenging process, involving large, complex installations. Oracle Data Access Components 11g with Xcopy deployment, however, enables Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) developers deploying their applications to take advantage of key features that reduce client installation size, complexity, and maintenance. One can develop and distribute the ODP.NET applications at no cost. This paper mentions all the necessary steps to install Oracle Data Access Components 11g with Xcopy deployment (which includes Oracle Database Instant Client and ODP.NET) on a developer machine, build a simple console-based ODP.NET application using Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition that connects to Oracle Database, and then distribute the client and application to a target (client) computer. Every environment is different, and one has to make adjustments to the steps. This sample has three machines but it can also be done with a single machine. A visual studio is created to build the application. The next step is to deploy Oracle Database Instant Client and Application. Once the user has successfully deployed the Oracle client files and the application files to the deployment target machine, and now it is time to verify that the application works as expected. Note that there are no network configuration files to create or manage in the deployment scenario as part of the exercise in this article by the author.

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