Integration of HP Servers in ServerView

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Executive Summary

Fujitsu Technology Solutions facilitate monitoring of servers from various server farms in a network with one standard tool that allows the accessibility of all servers. Discussed in this paper is the integration of servers from third-party manufacturers in the PRIMERGY management tool called ServerView with the help of a HP server. System messages are promoted and showed to the central administrator via SNMP with the alarm management facility integrated in ServerView. The Management Information Bases (MIBs) of the significant manufacturers can also be integrated in SecureView. The ServerView Suite mentioned in this paper is a complete management suite for Fujitsu Technology Solution PRIMERGY servers. It unites all PRIMERGY servers from the tower mono-server to the rack-optimized 16-way or blade server. This server system also incorporates important alarm functions for monitored servers in general. ServerView described in this paper is offered with every PRIMERGY server. It is an easy-to-use set of programs that are used for monitoring PRIMERGY systems. The tools included in this system are used for provision and analysis of system data and the automated updating of BIOS, firmware, and driver statuses. It uses standardized protocols and interfaces. This server management ensures easy configuration and installation. It is designed to provide administrators with a quick and dependable outline of the operating status of the systems, utilization trends, and possible sources of error.

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