Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g JPA Workbench

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The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) can be used to build Java EE applications that are designed to map objects to relational databases with the help of Java Persistence API (JPA). OEPE is a set of qualified plug-ins designed to develop Java EE applications that can be installed easily on Oracle WebLogic Server from the Eclipse IDE. The JPA editors and wizards of OEPE allow the creation of units from Java classes or existing tables. Java EE application runs on the WebLogic server and is offered with various components. The WebLogic domain needs to be properly configured before connecting it to the Oracle database. It allows the usage of Java EE APIs in the code and also allows the installation of applications directly from IDE. Divided into various sections, this paper discusses the generation of JPA entities and also explains the use of JPA configuration editor. OEPE wizards can be used to create stateless session beans and servlet components that are used to test the entities created earlier. OEPE and WebLogic are discussed in detail in this paper with an explanation on how to build, install, and check a Java EE application. The features of JPA wizards are used to adjust and modify the earlier created entities in ready-to-use editors and property sheets. It is an in-depth study of OEPE with all details and figures.