Investigate Mac OS X as a platform for penetration testing

With its BSD roots, super-slick graphical interface, and near-bulletproof reliability, Apple's Mac OS X operating system provides a great platform for penetration testing. In this sample chapter from OS X for Hackers at Heart, investigate ways that OS X can be used as a platform for penetration testing, focusing primarily on installing many popular penetration testing tools rather than the actual techniques and processes used to operate these tools.

Begin by studying the Mac's BSD subsystem and set the stage for installation of open source tools on Mac OS X. Then study the Mac OS X command shell and Terminal applications, the Apple Developer Tools, and the X Windows environment. Take a look at methods of running software on, or porting software to the OS X platform, namely the use of direct compilation, DarwinPorts, and Fink. Examine the "Top 75 Security Tools," now an industry standard list of must-have security tools, many of which will run on or have been ported to Mac OS X. Finally, investigate a few must-haves, namely Ethereal and Nessus, the process for installing each natively, as well as Virtual PC, which makes the complete library of Windows and Linux software available for the Mac.

Title: OS X for Hackers at Heart
ISBN: 1597490407
Published: December 2005
Authors: Bruce Potter, Chris Hurley, Johnny Long, Tom Owad, Russ Rogers
Chapter: Chapter 5: Mac OS X for Pen Testers
Published by Syngress Publishing

Provided by: Syngress Topic: Software Date Added: Apr 2007 Format: PDF

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