Investigate the Relation Between the Correctness and the Number of Versions of Fault Tolerant Software System

Today, most industries are highly dependent on computers for their day-to-day functioning. Safe and reliable software operations are significant requirement for many types of systems. For instance, in air traffic control, nuclear safety, high-speed rail, electronic banking, automated manufacturing... The cost and consequence s of these systems failing can range into catastrophic, with serious injury occurring or lives lost. Software becomes more complex and more significant to the overall system performance and dependability. Unfortunately, software could not be developed without errors. Even if the best people, practices and tools were used, it would be very risky to assume the software developed is error-free. Software does not physically deteriorate, it has only logical faults that are difficult to visualize, classify, detect and correct.

Provided by: Hanoi University of Technology Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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