IP Security Features Intel Ethernet Server Adapters and Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

Network administrators are planning ways to increase and improve their network security that provides them with protection from service levels, loss of intellectual property, and sensitive data. Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) offers network administrators with various tools that help them in creating strong defense against network attacks from outside and inside sources. Discussed in this paper is the overview of IPsec executed in Microsoft Windows Server 2008. It also mentions the role of new-generation Intel Ethernet Server Adapters and Ethernet controllers in terms of offloading IPsec processing onto silicon that can increase the security while maintaining line-rate network throughput. IPsec provides the ability to execute customizable security that helps in protecting communication between the workings of the organizations. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 includes a strong implementation of IPsec that does not require any hardware or software upgrades to make IPsec work end-to-end. This gives network managers powerful and cost-effective tools for executing network security such as capabilities for server and domain isolation and Network Access Protection. Various features and benefits of IPsec executed by Microsoft and the performance and security enhancements provided by Intel Ethernet Serve Adapters are mentioned in this paper. IPsec provides data encryption for Direct Access with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 to provide simplified remote connectivity. The solutions mentioned here provide a configurable and strong end-to-end security to the network.