IPBrick Redefines Open Source Usability and Manageability

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

In today's complex and competitive world there is a need for continuous business support, while at the same time reducing costs incurred. There is a continuous effort being made to integrate both and to find an optimum solution. CIOs are seeking new ways to be able to meet IT challenges with the use of innovative technologies. With the rise of internet, open source has really gained hold in the market and open source technology and appliance are both appropriate answers to these problems. This paper elaborates on case studies of companies that have implemented IPBrick Solutions and their experiences on the same. Cost is always a major discriminating factor when compared with proprietary solutions. Software license cost is not the only factor contributing to this difference in cost, the ease of support and implementation, faster deployment, and a user-friendly system are some of the other contributing factors. IPBricks provides a unified communication by integrating IT and communication, which forms one of the main reasons for companies preferring this solution. For any solution to fit into an organization there are some customizations required, that can turn out to be expensive, if engaged with software developers and resellers, instead IPBricks offer easier customizations facilities. Software developers and resellers must be challenged to guarantee that the customer receives open source and appliance products.