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Is an Energy-Wasting Data Center Draining Your Bottom Line?: New Technology Options and Power Distribution Strategies Can Dramatically Reduce the Cost and Carbon Footprint of Your Data Center

Date Added: Nov 2009
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With the change in economic climate, many companies around the globe suffered huge losses with energy consumption and costs. To overcome this problem, most IT and electrical industries are adopting new energy-saving tools and approaches including end-to-end power distribution. This has become an important solution that could benefit organizations by reducing costs and bringing up profits. This paper describes two key ways in which data center managers can improve their company's energy efficiency. The first one includes shifting the voltage of power supply and the second is by benefitting from high-efficiency, multi-mode Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS). The paper talks about end-to-end power distribution devices that are helpful in reducing and improving overall power efficiency in any organization. The paper discusses how these two solutions can turn out to be efficient and cost-effective solutions in reducing energy costs for a data center to control capital expenditure and operating costs. Many organizations are adopting new techniques for reducing costs by adopting carbon abatement programs and by replacing old UPS with new, high-efficiency UPS that are offered with the Eaton Energy Saver System. This paper offers suggestions and analysis for high degree energy-efficiency for modern data centers that can help in reducing capital, operational expenditure, and ownership costs. It talks about traditional powering used with alternatives that can be used in US data centers.