Is Online Backup Secure?

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: PDF

Many organizations are skeptic about the safety of online data backup systems. This is a very legitimate concern. This paper seeks to address these apprehensions and to study the efficacy of LockBox system. The paper states that all communications between the client and LockBox travels via 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel. Due to this, the data remains safe despite being transmitted through public network. This is a special feature of DropBox as not all the online backup companies provide this security system. The files are zipped and then encrypted using a defined encryption key. This key is selected by the client and therefore is completely secure. This paper also states that the encryption keys are well protected as the keys are kept in respective clients' account and only the client knows the key. LockBox also uses special algorithm, 128-bit Twofish. The algorithm is a block cipher created by Counterpane Labs. A 128-bit key provides a high level of security. Even with the world's fastest computer, it would take a very long time to test all the possible combinations. The paper finally deduces that LockBox is a very secure system for backing up the data.