Data Management

Is Preventing Fragmentation Needed in Today's Environment?

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Executive Summary

Today the number of files stored on volumes is much greater than in times past. The increase in the number of files not only necessitates larger storage capacities but, due to inherent fragmentation problems, puts a burden on local disk file systems to keep files stored contiguously.

As files are deleted, the space the deleted files formerly occupied will be randomly spread across the disk(s). These non-contiguous segments of available space encourage new files to be created in places where they can't be written contiguously.

Fragmentation will slow system performance and hurt user productivity. Worse yet, as fragmentation levels increase for larger files that are not addressed, they will get up into levels where one can start experiencing reliability problems.

The exclusive IntelliWrite? technology prevents fragmentation (up to 85% of it) from being written to the hard drive by writing the files intelligently. The benefits are readily evident: continuous peak performance, and no administrative overhead for IT departments.

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