Is Social Networking Right for Your SMB?

This paper discusses about real fact before moving with the social networking. It is necessary to make sure that social networking is not very risky. Firms usually associate with responsive data for make out provisions. It gives additional care for social networking and avoids risk in computing environment. Law firms, financial firms and other businesses are dealing with clients and their personal details for extra care in the acceptance of social networking. There are some advantages for the free access of social networking website. One of the main departments of this is Human Resources. It is also a general practice for searching the possible new hires from huge range of social networking websites. If SMB occurs for work on deals for department of defense or contract with health care source or economical organization, it will give a basic review about the business. Whether it suits to legal laws that are recently in use since few years or they are not appropriate for contract accountability and malfeasance and for the consumer's privacy. It is also necessary to plan some marketing strategies which suit in social media, but not simply construct social media as a marketing strategy. It is important to properly check budget, time and resources to follow after social media. It is put in such manner which easily can make sense.

Provided by: Cornick, Garber & Sandler Topic: Social Enterprise Date Added: Apr 2010 Format: PDF

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